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  • To protect the U.S.’s 54% share of the western Atlantic bluefin tuna quota

  • To protect the Northeast General and Harpoon Category fishermen’s access to their historical share of the US Bluefin Quota.

  • To energetically protect the forage base and the pelagic ecosystem that supports the life-cycle and health of Atlantic tunas in the US fishery.

  • To ensure that all ABTA General, Harpoon and Charter/Headboat Category fishermen are given reasonable opportunity and regulatory flexibility to catch their annual allocated fishing quota.


  • ABTA personnel attend all domestic fishery management meetings, conferences and seminars and report results to membership.

  • ABTA personnel attend all important ICCAT meetings and report results to membership.

  • ABTA commissions scientists to attend important ICCAT scientific meetings which occur several times each year.

  • ABTA advances scientific understanding of bluefin forage species through commissioning scientific research.

  • ABTA works to ensure that sufficient forage is available in our waters to ensure that bluefin will migrate into the region and there is enough forage to hold the bluefin for our entire season.

ABTA is a 100% volunteer organization!

Stay current with important information regarding ABTA’s fisheries including ABTA's Newsletter, articles from media authored by ABTA, reports regarding activities at ICCAT and interesting news regarding the science and the fish.

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