Fishing Regulations

Not all fishing regulations can be found with the below links. The links provided below take you to the essential fishing regulations for U.S. Atlantic tunas. With the exception of the links immediately below that pertain only to reporting of bluefin catch, all the other links provided relate to all U.S. Atlantic tunas i.e. yellowfin, bluefin, bigeye, skipjack and albacore tuna.



Mandatory reporting requirements for all Bluefin tuna fishermen 

All General Category, HMS Charter/Headboat Category, Harpoon Category and Recreational Category vessel owners are now required to report the catch of Atlantic Bluefin tuna (retained or discarded). 

[For the Recreational Fishery and Charter/Headboat Fishery (when fishing recreationally), the relevant rule is the final rule implementing the 1999 HMS Fishery Management Plan (64 FR 29090 of May 28, 1999).  For the General, Harpoon and Charter/Headboat Categories (when fishing commercially), the relevant rule is the final rule to implement Amendment 7 to the 2006 Consolidated HMS Fishery Management Plan (79 FR 71510 of December 2, 2014).]

To report bluefin landings: 

Go to and click on “View Details” under the “Fish Reporting” header to begin the process, or access this link:



Stay Informed of the latest HMS news and announcements:

Atlantic tunas fishermen can subscribe for free to the HMS email news bulletins which can include important in-season changes in regulations such as retention limits and other important information. Go to the following link to sign up for these email alerts:

Recreational catch reporting requirements for tropical tunas:

Cooperation with Large Pelagic Survey dockside and telephone interviewers is mandated under authority of the Atlantic Tunas Convention Act and is a condition of the Atlantic Tunas Permit.

For all Atlantic tunas retention (“bag”) limits: 

Access this link: and scroll down to find the announcement for retention limits for your category.  Retention limits are set each year and can change from year to year or even within a given season.

For a higher level of detail on HMS fishing regulations:

To obtain Atlantic tunas permits: